Assembly of the mass

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Assembly of the oscillating mass

The assembly of the oscillating mass by driving and/or riveting may seem simple at first. However, if this operation is not very well controlled, it can result in a significant waste rate. It is for this reason that more and more brands have decided to entrust this operation to MPS.

In this operation, and even though the most value-added element is the oscillating mass, the movement construction engineers especially remember that the essential function is provided by the ball bearing.

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We found that the assembly of the mass on the bearing could cause a significant waste rate for some of our customers. The response of our engineers as micro-assembly specialists was to develop models and processes to predict the impact of driving and riveting operations on bearing operating clearance, while taking into account the different materials used. Therefore, MPS is able to guarantee a reliable and repeatable assembly process without generating any waste related to the operating mode. Lastly, optimised logistics management enables responsiveness and flexibility.

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