Bearing with built-in vibrations damper

ActiVib technology

The ActiVib bearing is a ball bearing that efficiently filters the propagation of vibrations generated by the bearing to the other components of the watch.

To this end, the ActiVib bearing incorporates a vibrations damper made of elastomeric polymer especially developed for this purpose.

Patent pending: No. EP18176688


  • Filters the propagation of sound vibrations generated by the bearing
  • Decrease in sound vibrations of around 10dBA
  • Vibrations damper integrated in the bearing

A team attentive to your concerns

The nature and level of the noise emissions generated by the rotation of the rotor may cause discomfort to the sensitive wearer of a self-winding mechanical watch.

To limit the effects, our engineers created the ActiVib bearing which incorporates a vibrations damper made of elastomeric polymer specially developed for this purpose.

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