Differential with radial balls for power-reserve indicator

Dara technology

The Dara differential is based on a compact modular concept whereby the two inputs of the differential gear are linked to the teeth of the barrel-drum’s gear and that of the ratchet wheel respectively, the output being linked to the power-reserve indicator.

Patent pending: No. EP1995649A2


  • Independent module, reliable and ready for immediate integration into the movement
  • No friction adjustment
  • No play adjustment
  • Very compact design - d 0.50 x D 4.20 x E 1.00mm
  • Lubrication free

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The classical differential systems in watchmaking generally require the watchmaker to intervene for the sensitive adjustment of friction during the assembly of the movement.

Our engineers have designed a pre-set independent module which ensures accuracy and reliability to enable the power-reserve indicator to function correctly. 

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