Large diameter bearings

Titan technology

It has taken MPS years of fine-tuning to be able to manufacture large diameter watch bearings.

Titan bearings are used for functions such as self-winding by peripheral oscillating mass, driving of indicator elements, or as a base for the movement to rotate around its axis.


  • Self-winding by peripheral oscillating mass
  • Driving indicator elements
  • The integration of vibrations dampers gives :

    • Better shock resistance
    • A reduction of the noise emission level

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Winding the watch by peripheral oscillating mass using a Titan bearing gives the user a complete view of all parts of the movement through the transparent back.

Our production engineers have developed exclusive processes capable of producing bearing rings several dozen of a millimetre in diameter - up to more than 40mm - and just a few tenths of a millimetre in cross section. 

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