Standard bearings

MPS Watch produces a standard bearings line called "SD Serie".

The following table shows the main characteristics for each reference.

By clicking on PDF or DXF, you can download the technical specification.


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Economical bearingsext.Øint. ØwidthpitchØballØnbdoc.compatible
SD 1423XZRY1.60.30.391.120.25PDFDXF
SD 1425XZRY2.
SD 1426XZRY3.
SD 1427XZRY5.62.50.753.90.47PDFDXF
SD 1428XZRY8.250.970.59PDFDXF
SD 1467XZRY1.2800.50.80.212PDFDXFMobix
SD 1468XZRY30.90.452.30.37PDFDXFMobix
Titan type bearingext.Øint. ØwidthpitchØballØnbdoc.compatible
SD 1429XZRY20.
ETA compatible bearingsext.Øint. ØwidthpitchØballØnbdoc.compatible
SM 1234XZRY7. 7750
SM 1264XZRY10. 2892