The ActiVib bearing

Bearing with built-in vibrations damper 


The ActiVib bearing is a ball bearing that effectively filters the propagation of vibrations generated by the bearing to the other components of the movement.


To this end, the ActiVib bearing incorporates a vibrations damper made of elastomeric polymer especially developed for this purpose.



  • Filters the propagation of sound vibrations generated by the bearing.
  • Decrease in sound vibrations of around 10dBA.
  • Vibrations damper integrated into the bearing.


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Actigir Principle

A technical innovation to reduce the noise of the rotor bearing 


The specific design developed for the cage constitutes the basis of the ActiGir principle. It allows a totally free rotation of the bearing in one direction and a controlled friction in the other one.


Advantages of the ActiGir principle in a rotor  bearing: 

  • Free rotation in one direction.
  • Controlled deceleration in the other direction.
  • Reduction of the noise level.


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The first watch bearing entirely in ceramic

In 2004, MPS Watch invented the watch bearing without lubrication using ceramic to manufacture the balls. Ten years later, the company introduced the first bearing manufactured entirely from ceramics.


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Assembly kit for flying carrousel and tourbillon

Thanks to this innovation, MPS Watch offers a solution that prevents any damage during the assembly and disassembly of the tourbillon cage components and thus removes any mechanical stress restricting its function.


Advantages of the Flyfix concept: 

  • The function is guaranteed by:
    • meticulous finish of the rolling areas
    • lubricant free thanks to ceramic balls
    • reduction of operational play
  • Assembly without the press-fit operation enables assembly and disassembly of the tourbillon cage parts with no risk of damage to the tourbillon cage components.
  • Fixing by means of a nut is controlled by using a torque wrench


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Since 2005, MPS watch has been the key partner of major  manufacturers for the production of large diameter bearings.


The Titan bearing are used for a wide range of functions such as winding by peripheral oscillating weight, driving of indicator components or even as a base for the rotation of the movement around its axis.



Advantages of Titan bearings:

  • Automatic winding by peripheral oscillating 

    • The peripheral oscillating weight gives a 
full view of all the movement 
components through the transparent back

  • Driving indicator components
  • Base enabling the rotation of the movement 
around its axis
  • The integration of shock absorbers ensures:

    • greater shock resistance
    • a reduction in noise emission levels



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With the x-myrox bearing, MPS Watch introduces ceramics into the design of its ball bearings. Tested and approved by leading manufacturers, MPS Watch offers the first four-point contact bearing without lubrication.


Advantages of the x-myrox bearing:

  • Lubrication free
  • Problem of ageing oil eliminated
  • Special ceramic balls developed for 
watch applications
  • Shock tested (5000g)
  • Stainless steel cage (corrosion-resistant and environmentally friendly)
  • Increase in service life
  • Performance stability over time
  • Reduction of intrinsic noise
  • After-sales service at reliable dealers


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MPS Watch miniaturises the unidirectional bearing concept and opens up new possibilities for designers of timekeeping devices.


Advantages of MPS' OneWay bearing:

  • Miniaturisation of the free wheel system
  • Space reserved for the self-winding 
system significantly reduced
  • Optimised cage segment design (brake pads) 
to ensure minimum backlash (dead angle)
  • The interfaces of various coupling components 
are calculated to allow the system to 
support significant loads
  • The operational clearance is totally controlled 
and tested to 100% to minimise axial play.
  • Lubrication-free system using myrox® 
ceramic balls developed by MPS


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The radial ball bearing differential by MPS Watch.
The Dara differential is a compact, precise and reliable module for the power reserve indicator.


The advantages of the Dara radial ball bearing differential:

  • Miniaturisation of the free wheel system
  • Independent module ready for integration 
into the movement
  • No adjustment of friction
  • Accuracy in displaying the power reserve
  • Very compact
  • Tested reliability
  • Lubrication free
  • Streamlining logistics


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The ceramic ball bearing for transmission components
MPS Watch creates the Mobix ceramic ball bearing enabling wheels, disks, rollers, setting wheels, cams and levers of very small dimensions to be driven with minimum friction.


Advantages of the Mobix bearing:

  • Requires no axial support
  • Many uses (wheels, cams, rollers, …)
  • Flexibility for the configuration of gear trains
  • Suitable means of fixing


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In the spirit of fine watchmaking
100% compatible with the original bearings in the ETA 2892 and ETA 7750 calibres.


Advantages of the Prodige bearings:

  • High-performance lubrication free ceramic 
  • 100% compatible with the movement
  • 100% compatible with the oscillating mass
  • Can be disassembled
  • Design and high quality finish


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