Ceramic ball bearing for transmission components

Mobix technology

The constructor of movements often faces the problem of designing a gear wheel or wheel trains in a reduced size.

The compact dimensions of the smaller Mobix [D1.28 x H 0.50mm] and the proven efficiency of the ceramic ball bearing technology open new horizons for timepiece designers.


  • Lubrication free
  • Does not require axial support
  • Multiple use: wheels, cams, rollers, etc.
  • Flexibility in the configuration of gear trains
  • Suitable methods of fixing

A team attentive to your concerns

The construction constraints of an ultra-thin mechanical watch push movement designers to look for solutions that minimise the thickness of components.

To address this challenge, our engineers have developed the Mobix line that allows driving or wheel trains to be suspended on the plate thus achieving a significant decrease in height compared to the conventional construction with a cog implanted between plate and bridge. 

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