Lubrication-free bearing

x-myrox technology

For the first time in 2004, MPS introduced ceramic in the design of its ball bearings.

In principle, cleaning and re-lubrication of the wheel trains are recommended every 5 years.

By offering the x-myrox bearing which does not require any lubrication, MPS was a precursor at the time.

Patent pending: No. EP1520111


  • Lubrication free
  • Eliminate problems related to oil aging
  • Stainless steel cage
  • Increased service life
  • Stability of performance over time
  • After-sales service guaranteed worldwide

A team attentive to your concerns

For a long time, the lubrication of wheel trains of the movement of a mechanical watch has always been of great concern for watchmakers.

This innovation is the result of research carried out by our materials engineers who continuously participate in the development of watchmaking technologies.

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